Tuesday, March 8, 2011


OK, just another couple of videos. These were taken March fourth. The guy who's working with me is Ian, who had just told me that he's leaving on the 19th...

Have I mentioned that I'm not real good with change?

So, the first video is "seated freestanding wall." I've posted pictures of that before. That obnoxious noise at the very end was the fire alarm. The yoga place next door is getting set up, and I think the contractors are a little bit sloppy. But hey! The local fire department is, literally, six doors away!

The next two -- well, try to ignore the fact that I look pregnant. It's the whole "lack of muscle tone" that I developed over the first few years. Those six pack abs? Mine look more like kegs. The machine that I'm on is called a "Total Gym." I think Chuck Norris was a celebrity spokesperson for them at one point. It's a good machine for doing knee bends on. They also generally have me doing some arm exercises. This isn't arm exercises.

And yes, it's a lot harder than it looks.

Now, on this last one, it's the last 30 seconds or so that I'm proud of...


Elizabeth McClung said...

That balancing at the end is great, really fantastic! I am impressed, as you have good core control and muscles way, way down below in the L's and T's then? In getting ready for Sakura-con I realize how much my body has changed in 1 year, beer keg'r/pregnant unite! I am doing core work, too, so pain and sweat unite.

Sara said...

Wow, has it really been ALMOST A YEAR since your last post on your blog? You should be lifting weights by now.

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