Monday, December 20, 2010

New Video!

Oh, I'm real proud of this stuff! Let's see if I remember how to post them...

 That's a LOT harder than it looks! And then I did the same the other direction. This was the second time that I've done this particular exercise without assistance. The first time, my pectorals and whatever is the name of  where the pectorals attached to the arm hurt for three or four days.

 This exercise isn't so bad. Well, depending on the angle. This one is all arms and shoulders. There's another exercise that looks very similar, except that it's all abdominal muscles. Again, not terribly difficult:

Oh yeah, all the videos in this post were taken December 17, 2010. Just so that you can compare them with earlier videos.

Now, here's the real fun one. This is the one that tells me that the work I've been doing for the last 16 months is paying off...

The Gym is proving to be a Real Good experience. I'm still not expecting to be able to walk, but I think that, in a year or two, a manual wheelchair might actually be feasible.

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