Friday, March 12, 2010

October's video, revised

I should have waited a day, and posted this one.

The first half is, again, gait training in October. The second half is on a "Hip-Glute" machine, first in October, and the second last week. The recognizable difference is the different amount of weight.

I'm using my abdominal muscles (apparently I still have them), my lower back, my glutes, and a couple others. The weight on the machine sets a load that, when I'm pulling my legs up, assists me, and when I'm pulling the legs down, resists me.

This picture, also from last week, shows me trying to punch Jerry. He actually told me to, so no comments about beating up the help. The exercise was actually "alternating punches." Jerry was helping to keep me balanced.

Trust me, for someone who has been as sedentary as I have been, this is nowhere as easy as it sounds.

Today he stood behind me, while I punched at something that acts a little like a heavy bag. No pictures from today, though.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

October's Video

Another movie! This is another one from October, although I just got it. The first part, about a minute long, is gait training, like the last video. The last part is what I'm really proud of.

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