Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Words Needed


Elizabeth McClung said...

Fantastic! Thanks for showing me the clip. Go man go! The sweat is worth it. You are looking really good. All three of us are really happy to see the clip.

Elizabeth, Linda and Cheryl

binarynomad said...

Wow, are you actually moving your left leg by yourself or is that your trainer?

Raccoon said...

Elizabeth, I know I've let you know a little bit about what I'm doing there, but I thought you'd like to actually see what's going on. And yes, you are one of the people that's been actively influencing me to do this.

What I'm working for is to be able to do one of those 10K things with you.

Binary, that's actually the trainer moving my legs. The device that I'm on is called a "Gait Trainer." Basically, as you can see, it's a personnel lift, something like what I use at home, over a treadmill. Since I can't walk, by myself, it's to train me with some weight bearing, and trying to get my limbs used to supporting me and moving.

For instance, the owner of the gym uses crutches, while doing some sort of swinging with the hips to move his legs.

Of course, this is my understanding, and I might be expressing it all wrong...

Elizabeth McClung said...

Cool, so that means you are looking for leg lock as well as increasing and changing hand strength (I was really really happy when you said your tricep was hurting as if it hurts, it is still there)? Or is the owner using upper body strength to do a pendulum swing sort of thing with the crutches as the rigid fixed part? That is a lot of strength if so.

Oh, I have been pondering your question regarding ala toilet and I assumed the sensation was gone of the skin but some muscle nerve still there, now I have to refigure it (however, in evacuations, I have cut self and never felt it, so I am confused, but not yet willing to give someone a cold water hose to spray me with for the sake of science.).

I think us doing a 10K would be very cool, we could meet or do it when I am going to try to come down (see, if I take the train to New Orleans, I could take the one going down to California first, right?). Even a 5K or 8K would be good - that being said, I am now thinking if I can do a triathalon (did the wheeling, did the bike, need to swim) - but your work must make you ache for a while, are you at the part where you are like, "Um, how about a few days WITHOUT the pain" yet? Or was that years ago?

Still it was really great to see you go. Thanks for the video. I had to take a day off in Hawaii as going, going, going and then blogging each night, first it was blood out of the nose, then out of the mouth, then two days on oxygen, then waking up this morning to blood on the pillow and last night blind since 5:00. I don't WANT my body to hold me back - I guess that denial part is still kicking in. Got to follow your example, know thy limits and build up from there instead of "What do you mean it is impossible?" - or maybe a bit of both

Raccoon said...

Elizabeth, One of the exercises -- not on this machine -- involves a modified form of squats on an inclined board. Again, like you say, going for leg lock.

We aren't really doing anything with my hands, right yet. Instead, weight-bearing through the shoulders has been a regular practice. Along with the other shoulder exercises; they have a series of four or five shoulder exercises that they call, collectively, "shoulders on fire." And when you've done them, yes, your shoulders are on fire.

I've only seen the owner walking once, and I wasn't paying attention. Sorry. But yes, a strong torso.

I'm there on Wednesdays. Generally not a lot of pain afterwards, but yeah, I'm sore and achy for two or three days.

There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two off. I'm doing that myself; between the gym, and a couple of nights of not much sleep, my body decided to take the day off. Something about waking up with a temperature of 95°.

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